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Better & Safer Masks & Gaiters

Better & Safer Masks & Gaiters

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The Safe+Health Difference

Safe+Health makes better & safer face masks & gaiters. Both are reusable and wash up to 50 times.

Safe+Face mask is a better value by a factor of 4x to 7x times. An ordinary disposable fiber mask costs about $1.25 per mask, while the Safe+Face mask costs less than $0.30 cents per use.


Made of lightweight, stretchy, cool and comfortable fabric that prevents abrasions or skin rashes due to prolonged use.


High-performance, organic, anti-microbial, nano-technology fabric lasts 50 washes, plus it’s quick drying.


Breathe easy. In fact, the mask is equivalent to a Class II medical device due to its superior design and technology.


Does not cause allergies and does not irritate the skin. Safe for children, pregnant women and seniors.

99.95% Microbe

Fabric tested to 99.95% microbe / bacteria elimination. Filtration efficiency is 95.0% down to particles of 5 microns.

Easy to wear

The 2-piece stretchy fabric makes the Safe+Face easy to put on and take off.

Select colors from black or white.

For orders over 1,000 masks, select any other color and we will make your masks custom.

Coming soon

Other Personal Protective Equipment for your new safe lifestyle .