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Safe Face Mask




Safe+Face is the best and safest antimicrobial face mask made in the USA. It’s designed to be the best possible, high-performance design for the person that matters most- you!

The high-tech knit fabric is comprised of 5,088 stitches per inch, over five-times the amount of any competitive product. The thin stretchy material comfortably fits and conforms to the human face. The masks provide effective filtration for allergens, dust, a variety of bacteria, mold spores, and dander. Furthermore, the high-tech fabric helps to protect against airborne effluents (water droplets of 75 to 100 microns in size) resulting from sneezes and coughs. Learn more about the specification of the fabric here.

Perhaps the most important feature of our Safe+Face mask is the Microban AEGIS Microbe Shield coating of the fibers.  Tested worldwide in European, United Kingdom, and USA laboratories, the AEGIS Microbe Shield coating eliminates 99.95% of any virus or bacteria that touches the fabric. The AEGIS technology permanently bonds (polymerizes) with the substrate and will not leach or diminish overtime. The technology relies on the coating remaining affixed to the substrate – killing microorganisms as they contact the treated surface.

That ensures the user of the Safe+Face is not transmitting potentially dangerous microbes to others around them….a key element of reducing contagion of others both indoors and outdoors.

As a result of the high-tech knit fabric and the Microban AEGIS Microbe Shield treatment, the antimicrobial Safe+Face mask is “hypoallergenic”. That means any person with sensitive skin will virtually eliminate the problem called “maskne”- acne caused by cloth fabric masks that hold moisture and facilitate the growth of bacterias and viruses on your skin and in the mask itself (a disgusting thought!). So far, anecdotal reports from Safe+Face users indicate “all-day” comfort with the complete elimination of acne that is related to mask usage. The skin irritation or rash is dramatically reduced using our Safe+Health high-tech products. Learn more about the technology here.

Finally, the Safe+Face mask is reusable for over 50 washes. For most people, that translates into 2-3 months of use before having to replace the product. That means the “per use” cost is much, much cheaper than the “cheap” Asian imports made of blown plastic fibers- the Safe+Face antimicrobial face mask per use costs is less than $0.15. A “win-win” for you, better product, cheaper cost per day!

Try Safe+Face mask today! It is the best face mask made 100% in the USA!

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