Sizing & Fit

Q: How do I know what size to order?

A: We recommend purchasing a Large size if you are ages 15 and up (please see sizing diagram). Small sizes are recommended for kids ages 3 and up. The Adult size is 7.25″ long from the center seam to the back of your ear and 6.75″ from bottom of chin to the top of the nose. The Small size is 1″ less in both dimensions. NOTE- adults with smaller size faces may find the Small to be a better fit as the fabric can stretch comfortably.

Q: What if my mask is too small?

A: If your mask is too small to comfortably fit around your ears, wearing the mask in a modified way that resembles swimming goggles more than a traditional mask may help solve your issue..

Tie a shoe lace (or string) around each ear loop, so that it holds the mask from around the back of your head. This should keep the mask taut on your face, but relieve pressure on the ears.

Q: What if my mask is too big?

A: If your mask is too big to fit securely on your face, take the following steps.

First, make sure you’ve washed your mask. This is important for safety best practices and will also help make the mask snug on your face.

Then, the simplest thing to do is tie a small knot on each ear loop to shorten them. This results in some of the excess material being tied behind each ear.

Lastly, some customers have modified their masks in a way that resembles swimming goggles, by tying the end of the string/elastic from one ear loop to the other and tightening it around the back of the head.

Get a household object (shoe lace, string, elastic band) and feed it through both ear loops. Then secure around your head to the appropriate tightness level. This should keep the mask taut on your face, but be comfortable to wear.

Q: Do you have kids sizes?

A: Yes. All of our face masks are available in a kids sizes (Small) designed for ages 3 and up.