Why Safe+Face Masks?

Safe+Face masks have been designed to be a better, eco-friendly alternative to common fiber disposable masks. They’re comfortable, reusable, washable and are great for everyday use. No mask today matches our features of comfort, adjustability, custom look, permanent germ resistance, with superior reusability.

Eco-Friendly Masks

The reusable quality makes our masks a great replacement for any need to protect yourself and others from transmission.

Quit throwing away money on disposable fiber-based face masks that get tossed in the trash, and spare the landfill the extra waste! Nothing can be more ecologically damaging than disposable fiber masks!

Did you know that for every China sourced KN95 mask or surgical mask that you buy, that you are contributing to a 50-times (50x) contribution to CO2 levels and a 50-times (50x) ecologically damaging increase to waste over the Safe+Face solution? Plus, you are contributing to future damage and illicit harvesting of wood fiber products from the Amazon basin in Brazil, eroding Mother Earth’s capability to process CO2? And, you are dramatically increasing waste to fill up our landfills?

Look yourself in the mirror with that Chinese-sourced KN95 mask or surgical blue mask and ask a simple question, “Am I helping America, am I helping Americans, am I helping to improve the environment and saving the world…are we are all in this together?”

Masks That Actually Feel Good

Let’s face it – most people don’t want to wear a mask. But if you have to – you might as well use a mask that you can live with – one that fits well and works well. No more scratching or pinch points on your face, just a well fitting mask that actually feels good. Our customers tell us they are the most comfortable masks they have ever used.

Our Masks Work. Because the Science Works

Our mask fabric is produced with the Aegis® Microbe Shield technology by Microban® that lasts for the life of the mask. Their fabric treatment technology has passed multiple tests from USA regulatory agencies- AATCC, ASTM, NIOSH, FDA, CDC, and so forth.

The mask fabric has been tested to filter and protect against airborne effluents from coughs and sneezes, the primary means of flu/ viral transmission.

Remember, microbes/ viruses travel in “fat” containers- water droplets of 75 to 100 mu thick. Bacteria travel in water droplets. Viruses travel inside cells inside water droplets: Covid-19 travels in a fat cell (called “lipids”) that it invades and that travels inside the “container” of a water droplet. So, no water droplet transmission, no “nasties” inhaled or exhaled from your respiratory tracts.

Portable, Compact, Breathing Masks For Everyday Use

Our masks were designed for everyday use! That means working in the office, commuting on a train, car-pooling, walking or biking… performing many of the day-to-day work and recreational activities. Light, comfortable, store it in your pocket until you need to use it. How many super-effective masks have you seen that fit into your pocket or pocketbook? Most likely, zero.

Communicate effectively. Protected!

Can you talk on a cell phone through your mask? In most cases, not. Try saying “Hello” through 3-layers of cotton fabric or through an N95 mask squashed onto your face. Not happening.

Why risk potential contamination to speak to loved ones or business colleagues? Doe anyone enjoy chatting in a voice that sounds like it’s muffled by a diaper? Not.

The Safe+Face mask enables you to communicate clearly and freely anytime, anywhere effectively while you are fully protected in crowded environments (e.g. less than 6 ft of social distancing- like office buildings)!